How to Prosper During an Economic Downturn

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Websites and Blogs That Will Help You Survive or Profit from an Economic Recession


  • My Money Blog: This blogger chooses to remain nameless. His goal is to be a millionaire by age 45 even though he has had to experience failure along the way to real success: buying a house in an overheated market and deciding to get his wife nothing for Christmas. You can check the home page for his ever-changing net-worth and how he is surviving the recession.



  • Benefits Of Economic Recession: Says It Makes You Wiser, It Makes You Think Out Of The Box, It Makes a Decision maker Out Of You. It Makes You Appreciate What You Have. It Forces Change.


  • Wall Street Executive Library: The Best Business Websites on the  Internet. Over 1,450 Links to Resources for an Informed Intelligent Perspective. News, Magazines.


  • This website is for those fed up with North American life and want to restart their lives abroad. An offshore investment section provides resources for getting a 2nd passport, investing offshore and protecting your assets. The website has country profiles that assist you in moving to various countries. A large international real estate marketplace has real estate listings from around the world. There is also an overseas jobs section which provides current overseas jobs postings.


  • Zen Habits: by Leo Babauta, the author of The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting Yourself to the Essentials … in Work and in Life. With a definite Zen flavour, this Blog topics such as eliminating debt, saving, eating healthy, simplifying, living frugal, happiness, and successfully implementing good habits.



  • Recession Blocker: All this irresponsible talk of recession only makes it more likely. Do your bit for the economy by only reading the news through this web browser, which blacks out unwelcome words. Type in the address of your favourite news site.


  • Recesssion Websites: An article about on CNN News by  by Jessica Ravitz about websites related to the recession


  • Top 10 Reasons to Start a Business in a Recession: According to Brad Sugars, regardless of what people around you might say, right now is the best time to get into business. Now is the ideal time to get going and start pursuing your business dreams — in anticipation of the next period of growth. This website gives Brad Sugars' top 10 reasons you should start your business now — despite the current downturn:

  • The Retirement Cafe: Retirement and Money Articles Such as Seven Secrets to a Happy Retirement, Top-Ten Dumbest Retirement Moves, and "Winning a Lottery: The Retirement Plan with the Most Bugs to Be Worked Out." Includes Fun Things to Do in Retirement and Jobs for Retirement.

  • 14 Big Businesses That Started in a Recession: It might seem scary to start a new business when the economy is in the tank. But an economic downturn can actually be a great time for launching a new company. In fact, many well-known and successful organizations were born during an economic slump. This website lists 14 of these companies.

  • The Retirement Quotes Café: A Comprehensive Collection of Retirement Quotes, Retirement Sayings, Retirement Letters, and Retirement Speeches for Any Occassion Including a Retirement Card or a Retirement Party to help you retire happy.
  • The Joy of Being Retired: Besides featuring the retirement gift book The Joy of Being Retired, this website also includes retirement resources such as retirement jobs, retirement quotes, retirement poems, and snappy retirement cake sayings.  

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 Drive a Free Car During the Recession


Recession Book - #A1



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